Available August 1st, 2013:

"In trouble. Need to talk to you. Urgent. Cambry Saville is rattled by the cryptic message from her scientist father. It has been years since she last saw the man, and despite his recent attempts at contact, she has no interest in reconnecting. But something about this late-night message urges her to act... Arriving at her father s office, she's horrified to discover him lying in a pool of blood, barely clinging to life. Someone clearly wants him dead, but why? With a shaky alibi and evidence mounting against her, Cambry becomes the prime suspect. Now, only one man can help prove her innocence: FBI agent Ethan Reece, the man sent to track down her father's dangerous research and the man who broke her heart years before.

Ethan hesitantly returns to the town saturated in painful history, and his assignment to investigate his former flame doesn't make his life any more comfortable. As the uneasy duo begin to work together, uncovering the potentially catastrophic application of her father's research, it becomes clear that the real murderer has far more diabolical plans than they could have dreamed. Shocking secrets and devastating betrayals threaten Cambry and Ethan's tentative new relationship, and the clock is ticking as they fight to expose the real killer before Cambry becomes the next victim in someone's terrifying plot."

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"Sydney Hallam, hard-line journalist for the San Francisco Chronicle, is poised for action after receiving a tip from a mysterious source that criminally implicates several influential power brokers — but her source is gunned down before he can disclose any details. Days later, Salt Lake Tribune reporter Justin Mickelsen receives a letter from a childhood friend — the murder victim — written just prior to his death, leading the two reporters to team up in San Francisco to expose the scandal. In the intensity of the investigation, the pair’s attraction quickly grows, along with proof of money laundering, drug trafficking, and grand theft. But as the evidence builds, so do the tempers of certain billionaires and heavy-hitting politicians — soon it seems the dangerous career path chosen by the two ace reporters can only lead to a very dead end."

Available now:

"Lauren Holt is tired of the dating scene and the heartache of dead-end relationships. So when the time comes to start her freshman year at BYU-Idaho, she is thrilled to leave the boys behind and meet the challenge of college head-on.
But love has other plans for Lauren. She soon meets Ben Morrison—a handsome, intelligent man who, unlike the boys, isn't intimidated by her softball skills. Lauren is surprised to learn that Ben has transferred from Harvard where the stress of meeting his father's expectations provided fertile ground for two numinous young missionaries. Lauren quickly discovers that Ben has worked his way into her heart. But can she take another chance on love? Or will everything fall apart when Ben suddenly faces a life-altering crisis?"